CTO and Co-Founder at Now Matters

I am a full-stack JavaScript developer, CTO and Co-Founder at a start up called Now Matters. My philosopy is to learn atleast one new thing every single day. Making habits is the key to everything

Passionate, young, hard-working developer. I believe that hard work can make anything happen. You just need to believe and never give up.

My main tech

JavaScript 95%

Why NodeJS ?

NodeJS is the most popular programming language for backend developer working with infinite NPM packages. Everyone is using it, including Fortune-500 companies.

Why React ?

React is the best and most popular lightweight framework for front-end development written in JavaScript and developer by FaceBook.

So what is the future ?

In the future I will be learning Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the future of humanity. I will also be sure to check our Rust Lang which is new programming language developed by Mozila. Rust was most loved language 3 years in a row since 2015.